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December 26, 2017


On Christmas Day we went to the most Miami place in all of Miami, at least during the holiday season: Santa's Enchanted Forest. Here's a column I wrote about it a few years ago. And here are some pictures from yesterday, to give you a sense of how festive and traditional it is.

Nothing says the holidays like the woman with the body of a snake.

Snake Woman

Here's Santa fighting his traditional light-saber duel with Darth Vader.

Cader v Santa

And here I am with a different Santa, who looks like he's on his way out to sea to meet his a cocaine shipment.

Reel Santa


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But was there a massive battle between DarthDave and Ebenezer Scrooge?

That would add value to the Enchanted Forest, and probably warm the scales of the snake lady.

FL, our Xmas is not like your...etc., etc., etc.

At least we know, thanks to the final picture, that Dave was able to get his 'ship' together.

Dave meets ZZ Santa! Sweet. I hope you got the appropriate "treat" (IYKWIM).

It's good to see Thoth-Amon's ex-wife found work.

Boy, I'd trade the foot of snow in my driveway for a visit to that theme park !

I would love to see this. Thank you for sharing, Dave.
I've been spending quality time with family since Friday. For God's sake somebody HELP ME. Please!

Almost more entertaining than the Star Wars Christmas Special.

At first glance, I said to myself, "Man, is Mrs Claus ugly, or what?"
Then I clicked on the pic and made it bigger. Oops. Sorry, Dave.

Darn, it closes January 7. That's the day we're leaving New York for Florida.

Dave, I hope you took advantage (after eating the fried grease) of all the great sounding attractions: Bungee Jump, Climbing Wall, Mechanical Bull Ride.

It sounds pretty darn great to me.

Are they closing to prep for the Valentine's Day/President's Day fun? Cupid and the Snake Lady (is she related to the Wikeewachee mermaids), Jedi Abe vs. the Dark side and Cap'n GW's (either one) marlin tours? Halloween must be a hoot.

Is it just me, or does it look like Darth Vader is "happy" to see Santa.

Looked like Vermin Supreme was moonlighting as Reel Santa.

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