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December 28, 2017


Do not click here.

Also do not read past this colon: The man was holding his severed testicle in a rice bowl when ambulance arrived

(Thanks to Michael Moyer)


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Severed testicle in a rice bowl. I think I had that menu item a few nights ago at a Thai restaurant

Severed testicle in a rice bowl. I think I had that dish a few nights ago at a Thai restaurant.

Rice? Somebody's knick-knack got paddy whacked.

"Would you like soup or salad with your order?"

"What kind of soup is it did you say...Extremity of Wang?"

Markhh you would never be served a man's testicle at a Thai restaurant. When a women bites a man's testicle off during a sex romp in Thailand, it is tradition she throw it to the chickens.

Chop stick, or chopped stick?

"...she bit off her hubby's testicle in a 'surge of excitement'."

Do Chinese hospitals charge extra for surges, like Uber?

Could have been worse. She might have bitten something else off Mr Wang. Then he would have been Mr Wangless.

That is one surge of excitement that I am glad to avoid.

"Accidentally"? Well, dentally, at least.

Keep off her lawn (and out of her biting range).

At least he still has his Wang.

With two you get eggroll. Sum Ting Wong.

"Waiter. There's rice in my testicle bowl."

The wrong way to Taiwan on...

In honor of Marquis: Some of my friends call this foreplay.

Sack lunch?

We won't . . .

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