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December 20, 2017


Once again, "123456" is the worst password of the year, followed by "password."

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Gee, nursecindy told me that "letmein" was a good password.


The best password is "incorrect"

If you enter the wrong password, your computer will inform you that "your password is 'incorrect'".

That deposed Nigerian prince has offered to keep track of all my passwords for me.


"The Password is Idiot."

*SMACKS* Jeff. Although that is a good one.
It seems like every website I go to requires a password now. I can't remember all of that so I just write them down on a sticky note and tape it to the computer. I'm always looking for new recipes and I'd like to know why I need a password to look at a chicken casserole recipe on a food website? I generally use my credit card number as a password because most hackers refuse to believe anyone would be so stupid that they'd do this.

Shoddy journalism. How did "654321" rate?

I usually use a long phrase, something like "WTFyouStupidComputer?Idontneednostinkingpassword",
No joke, really.

5* for Qaz's great password!

@klezmerphan: 654321 = 26th.

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