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December 27, 2017


Officers answering a call about a nude man inside a Kangaroo Express convenience store about 4:15 a.m. learned he had been robbed, according to the Gainesville Police Department.

(Thanks to Jim Kenaston)


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I feel bad for him, but I also feel sorry for the people at Kangaroo who had to see his pouch.

Snork at Amoeba! I was expecting Australia, not Florida, but I'm beginning to believe there's not much difference.

They took his clothes? What was he wearing, a Santa costume and flip flops?

Thanks, ubetcha! Glad you didn't 'roo the day you read that comment.

This story has me hopping mad. There is simply no reason for vases to be in civilian hands. Ban all vases before they start making vases of mass destruction.

Wait...this happened in front of his home?

And he was so hopping mad, he went to the kangaroo?

This blurs the line between Florida and Australia, if you ask me....

ubetcha, if this had happened in Australia he would have been eaten by a poisonous snake before he got to the Kangaroo Express.

It was nice of the article to include a helpful map of places to avoid in Gainesville. I was expecting them to highlight a few more places, though.

He was beaten with a vase, robbed, stripped naked,shot at and forced to ask for help at a Kangaroo Express.
This wouldn't have made the news in Flathead County.

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