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December 15, 2017


A group of villagers in Thailand banded together to rescue a massive 450-pound catfish that became stranded in a swamp after flooding in the area.

They transported it in a motorcycle sidecar.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Blackened catfish, yum.



Afterwards, they celebrated with a fish fry.

Paging Jeremy Wade. Report to Phatthalung province Phast.

Coming soon to the streets of Miami

I'm not getting in that water with a 450-pound anything.

No doubt coming to the swamps of Florida to keep the pythons company.

This is not a technique that is taught to wildlife biologists. I work with loons, and have friends who deal with bears, moose, and other large animals.

It's great that the villagers put so much effort into saving an animal they would have eaten a decade ago, but there was a missed opportunity to get a blood sample, attach a radio tracker, etc. In addition, that poor fish was traumatized, both physically and mentally. I hope it recovers from the experience. Biologists might have tranquilized it, and definitely would have handled it more gently.

Rescued as in "prepeared for dinner"?

Ralph, you're the only person I know that could make me feel sorry for a catfish.

Dave, are you really sure that's a catfish. Looks more like a whale to me!

Just sayin'.

Send it to Oregon?

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