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November 30, 2017


SANTA ANA – A man begging for gas money for a $265,000 Ferrari was arrested on suspicion of stealing the luxury vehicle and taking it on a two-week joyride, authorities said Wednesday, Nov. 29.

(Thanks to manual tomato, Fabian Marson and Bill Carver)


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The keys had been left in the vehicle, which the District Attorney’s Office valued at $265,000, and the theft was reported to Costa Mesa police the next day.

Dealership stupidity? An inside job? Or maybe we should embrace the power of "and"...

There was a Cheech and Chong movie where they had to drive an expensive car to another state, but were given no money. They kept selling off so much of the car to buy gas and weed, it was nothing more than wheels and an engine when they made the delivery.
The dude with the Ferrari just didn't have an imagination.

Had he been begging for gas money for a Hummer H1, nobody would have given it a second thought.

He should have just said that "Mr. Ferrari" gave him the car.

This story is hard to believe...are we sure it didn't happen in Florida?

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He just didn't have any money left for gas after he paid the insurance premium.

Jeff- the reporter is from Ft. Lauderdale. I am sure he is well-trained to spot Florida Man, even when out of state.

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