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November 12, 2017


Nuns in Merced, California spend their days tending and smoking marijuana

(Thanks to Geoff)


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More fun than making cheesecakes..

I'm surprised their wimples are white. That Cheeto dust gets everywhere.

This is some real Nun Sense. Their product can cure most ailments and handy to have in stock in case you think you may get sick later. If they also sell pizza and Doritos, how much more could we ask for?

A rap on the knuckles with a ruler just doesn't compare.

Paging Sally Poppyfield

The flying nun returns.

More fun also than making, or drinking wine, perhaps?

They will sing "I feel that I can FLY..." for a small conribution, or a large purchase.

Sister Mary Jane?

"Ok buster, how much weed ya got, and where'd ya get it?"


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