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November 29, 2017


Cowboy rides horse into store to buy beer

(Thanks to Kevin Smith)


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Was the horse over 21?

"Say, we don't get many horse in here!"

"WIlbur, let's go home. The barkeep is scaring me!"

"We don't get many horses in here."

"At these prices, that's no surprise!"

Cowboy rides his horse into a saloon.

"Before you even ask." The barkeep said. "That O.K.Corral all you fellers are lookin' for is at the end of the next block."

Then he had to see a man about a horse.

No trot-thru window for booze customers?

Cowboy dressed to the nines rides his horse into a bar and orders a beer. He takes a deep drink, pats the pearl handle of his gun, glares at people up and down the bar an growls, "I'm not in a mood to be messed with and I've got a hairy Trigger."

Real cowboys drink whiskey.

What would be a good beer for my horse? Bud Light? That might be too cruel.

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