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November 27, 2017


Bear on the loose 'after stealing hapless hunter's shotgun and automatic rifle' during cabin break-in

(Thanks to Ralph)


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My previous statements supporting a Constitutional right to arm bears just took a dramatic turn

Local costume shops should check their inventory for missing bear suits.

A bear also stole my TV and a DVD player.

"Be vewwwy quiet ...."

I'm reminded of this half-humorous, half-serious Calvin and Hobbes cartoon.

(A thousand pardons for the zillion pop-up ads.)

Bad journalism. It tells us how the hunter lost his gun, but nothing about what happened to his hap.

This hunter should sell that cabin and stop his string of bad luck. Just last year a moose bit his sister when she went outside for more firewood.

We have the right to arm bears....

from a famous NRA poster, right?

I can envision the police interview (in Russia):
"So really,... who was it that you sold these guns to?"

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