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November 26, 2017


Barrington woman charged after using flamethrower to burn her own luxury car

(Thanks to Roberto)


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Double up on the meds and recommend test driving a Tesla.

Years ago most people just painted flames on the sides of their cars.

If we've come to a day where it is a crime to torch your own car, why do we even have a Constitution?

I completely agree with Jeff. What kind of country have we become when we can't torch our own cars with a flamethrower containing Napalm? I haven't heard of Napalm since the Viet Nam war so imagine my surprise when I found out you can buy it online!

Christmas gift!

That'll teach it.

She wanted a hot car .... she got one.

Does E-Bay have a decent return policy?

Psychostick referenced these sorts of cars in Two Ton Paperweight. After hearing the song for the first time, a friend of mine said, “Everyone has owned that car.”

A hot babe deserves a hot car, right?

Except in this case?

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