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November 26, 2017


...the Rock Bottom Remainders are featured in the New York Times puzzle column.


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A secret admirer until now.

Between you and I, this is great.

*SMACKS* Jeff for the "you and I" reference.
Not to brag or anything but, I do a lot of crossword puzzles and I do them in ink! Actually I use erasable ink pens but I think that's still pretty impressive.

These are the jokes, cindy.


I tend to save the Sunday NYT puzzles for my kids. Seriously ... they love it, and every time we go out to dinner or on a long car ride I am asked “Can we do one?” My younger daughter even got her lunchtime pals in HS to do them with her.

They also know who the RBRs are, and will be amused that they are embedded in dad’s hobby.

*pardon me while I beam*

I love "Proofreading Woman." Just between you and the person writing this, proofreaders have saved most writers from embarrassing themselves in print and are underappreciated.
Kinky Friedman said this line has works really good for him.

NC: A British friend of mine used to take the train into London, an hour and a half each way. He said that during WWII, most of the passengers would fill occupy their time by attempting to complete the Times of London's daily crossword puzzle, generally considered the hardest in the world. (This was also the first thing you were required to do if you wanted to work at Bletchley Park)

After watching passengers do this for a few weeks, my friend had a brilliant idea. He'd grab his ink pen, fill out random letters on each question, then wad up the page and toss it out the train's window, while muttering "That was far too easy!"

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