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November 29, 2017


Man smashes through balcony and attacks neighbour with plank of wood after he played Wham song

(Thanks to Ralph)


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If he was playing that song on a loop, I would have helped him. Wonder what he would have done if they'd been playing Copacabana?

Maybe the perp thought the song was "Beat me up before you go go."

My thoughts exactly, nursecindy. Probably be investigating a homicide.

cindy, it would have been "Hasta la vista, baby!" off the balcony.

Given the time of year, it could have been Wham's "Last Christmas" which is already on the radio. Send that angry neighbour to Parliament.

If he had been playing anything on bagpipes it would have been a hanging offense in Texas.

Wham! Ouch!

Maybe the plank wielding man used to date the Log Lady from Twin Peaks. Perhaps the Wham song reminded of their break up? I would love to work the word "splinter" into this post but can't figure out how.

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