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November 13, 2017


“How did this design ever make it past the approval process?”

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Are batteries included?

"Forget it. It's Japan, Jake."

Japan be kazy.

From the label [Translated] - "Warning: Do not insert bottle into hole in weight plates"

It will be a big hit. Japan, the land of sacred boner parades, fertility festivals, penis shaped chocolates, and who can forget used school girl panty vending machines. At least now their dirty can be clean

Japan is the Asian version of Flathead County.

Good analogy, NC!

Frathead County actually makes even more sense, nursecindy.

When I buy this, I'll put it on the shelf with a Shake Weight.

I have a hunch that Dave's Gift Guide is going to go into extra pages this year.

Wouldn't this look stunning on your bathroom counter?

PirateBoy: Yeah, when Grandma is over for the holidays won't she be impressed!

FredKey: I'm positive my Iowa grandmother would have said: "I've been pumping that thing for the longest time now, and I ain't got more than a trickle out of it yet!"

Madge: "You're s**king in it."

It was either that or "Now I know why they call it Palmolive."

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