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November 07, 2017


The contestants donned costumes made of 50 kilos of prime beef steaks to show their solidarity with victims in the Harvey Weinstein scandal in Hollywood

(Thanks to Roberto)


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Nah! It's been done before. Ask that GaGa lady.

Solidarity is in the eye round of the beholder.

My Dad used to have a rule that one had to eat all the meat on the plate because an animal had given up its life to put it there. Then there’s this.

Best use of skirt steaks, evah.

@Jan in Grimsby--Thanks for the coffee snorter. Keyboards are cheap, but starting the day with a huge laugh is priceless!

I wonder what they did with the meat ? (couldn't get past ads). Shame to let it go to waste. Perfect for crock pot.....

Yeah, Equifax should have used those ads to block the hackers.

Does that count as surf and turf?

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