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November 30, 2017


Pop-Tarts alerts police about Illinois man who spreads mustard on his breakfast pastry

(Thanks to Dave Roe)


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Understandable. The guy is a barbarian who probably eats his steaks well done with ketchup.

Does the mustard catch on fire in the toaster?

When mustard is outlawed on Pop-Tarts, only outlaws will put mustard on their Pop-Tarts.

State Police? That sounds like a FEDERAL offense.

OMGAIEEEE Corelle™ Butterfly Gold plate!!

At least it wasn't Grey Poupon™.

Condimental retardation.

I heard that the Nazis used mustard on everything and that's why they called themselves the Mustard Race.

And the so-called United Nations does nothing.

He is a mustard-bator!

The Condimentors are revolting.


Did anyone click on the link to the guy from Alaska? Smores Pop-Tarts with a slab of salmon in between. As a guy and a male, I have eaten some odd things when camping/fishing. I used the standard non-frosted cinnamon Pop-Tart for my salmon sandwich. There may have even been mustard involved. Definitely jalapenos. Good eatin' on the river.

What else are you supposed to do when you run out of Pilot Bread and Spam?

When I was backpacking Pop-Tarts were on my 'essentials' list. Once, when walking the C & O Canal trail, I found a large badger growling and blocking the trail. So I backed up ten or so feet, found a clear space off trail and broke out my chemical stove. I made a cup of hot chocolate and had a Pop-Tart. I then continued my trek, the badger had moved on. Good times.

Beep Beep- LePet. You're the greatest.

Get a rope.

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