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November 29, 2017


Lurking in Toilets, Swimming the Streets: Snakes of Bangkok Move In

(Thanks to Art Kraus, Phil McAvity and Lisa Aschkenasy)

We saw Snakes of Bangkok open for the Who.


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I hope The NY Times reinstates their ‘Headlines as haiku Wednesdays’ soon

At one point in my youth (while serving our country) I found myself alone on an airfield in Thailand at night. I was out by the runway. No light anywhere. So I cracked a chem light. There were cobras everywhere. Turns out it was breeding season for the little darlings and that is when they are most aggressive. I managed to climb, OK jumped, up on a radat approach reflector left over from the Vietnam era. The powers that be had to drive a truck out to get me because there was no way I was getting down with the snakes. I still see them in my nightmares.

Does this mean the mainstream media are also, finally, going to give some long-deserved attention to the Worldwide Squirrel Conspiracy?

I, for one, welcome our new snake overlordsssssss.

Guessss whosss's coming to dinner?

Werewolves of London . . . . Snakes of Bangkok . . .
what's next, Squirrels of Perdue?

655321 - thank you for your ssservicssse

One Sssssnake in Bankok. Couldn't resist.

When asked how the city intended to keep citizens from being bitten with so many snakes on the loose hiding in toilets around the city, Mr. Prayul offered this bit of advice.


After reading all of these stories about rogue snakes I just have one question. Where in the heck is Samuel L. Jackson when you need him?

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