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November 25, 2017


Dog's head sent for rabies testing lost in mail


(Thanks to Stan Ruth)


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If it's found in FL someone will snort it and attend a Titland concert.

Rabid Dog Head opened for Ozzy during a trial run of a solo concert series.

Even for experimental music, this one was pretty out there. I’ll never look at Mandy and Copacabana the same way again after Ozzy made them his own.

You don't worry if someone gets it for Christmas. You worry if they open it and scream, "That's JUST what I WANTED!"

Not only did the vet clinic not follow proper shipping procedure for infectious substances (FedEx, not UPS, without a specific agreement, and use the proper labels and packaging), but they also didn't vaccinate their staff against rabies as a general precaution, which is about a tenth of the cost of post-exposure shots. Someone there needs to go back to the basics.

Yes, I've had my rabies shots, and shipped samples. It's not rocket science -- it's biological science.


“Sorry, but you did agree with our company’s no-exchange policy.”

Ralph is perfectly correct about the vet clinic screwing up terribly.
I remember a story about a rich banker being kidnapped, taken with a hood over his head to an unknown destination where the robbers had a dog bite him. He is told the dog is rabid and once he gives them his account numbers he can seek treatment. He is kept in a locked room with several clocks and they remind him daily, it's ticktock on how fast his life is flowing away. After a few days he couldn't stand it any longer and gives them the numbers. Once the robbers have his money they release him. Then they bring in and pet the dog that bit him and grin. He hadn't been exposed to rabies at all.

I remember that story, only the way I heard it, it was a French chef who was kidnapped by motivational speakers who was bitten by a flying monkey. After he gave them the secret spaghetti recipe, they released him and told him the flying monkey had died. The French chef then ignored them to death. I might be remembering it wrong, however, because it was 3 AM, I was half awake and there was nothing else on TV.

I'm so disappointed that no one pointed out the obvious.
Heads are gonna roll over this mistake.

If it was a Wiener dog, then someone did the wurst packaging....

Rabies are nearly 100% fatal. Merry Christmas !

I saw a rabbie once. He did not seem dangerous.

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