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November 29, 2017


‘Don’t know’ is leading the race for Idaho governor

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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Sure that's not Ida Know?
(shuffles back to the geezer bus with Bill Keene)

Wasn't his (or her campaign) "You don't know 'don't know' like we know 'don't know'!"

(Also, methinks, appropriated unethically by Donald Rumsfeld back in 2002 in his famous known unknowns speech.)

MOTW beat me to it.

(Not to be picky, but it's Bil Keane.)

(*joins MOTW on the bus with Not Me and Just B. Cause*)

Even though he has the best name, Raul Labrador is best known for his thoughtful statement, "Nobody dies because he doesn't have access to health care."

Also, he's a lawyer.

I rest my case.

The candidate started out as a write-in with invisible ink.

No "None of the above" option?

I thought "Don't Know" was in the White House.

Third base!

Ho Hum has served two terms and can't run again.

Breaking Idaho political news;

I Don't Know Squat and I Don't Know Jack

have also joined in the running for governor of Idaho.

Who wants to be governor of a potato?

Yes, I DID go to public schools...

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