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November 27, 2017


Hunter shoots pickup truck after mistaking it for a deer

(Thanks to Le Petomane)


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He thought it was Ram season.

He may be able to dodge more serious charges

Way to go, Mr. Magoo!

That's going to look kind of awkward mounted over the entrance to the den.

With the notable exception of "slob hunters" like this dingbat, hunting is one of the safest sports. You are about three times more likely to be injured playing golf, or about 25 times more likely to be injured riding a bicycle.

Every hunter I know has no tolerance for this kind of behavior. They report unsafe hunters because they don't want to be victims.

D'oh! (Or is it "Doe!"?) Just realized that I overlooked Dave's headline, and that I stepped on his gag.

If you have a small mantel you could just mount the horns.

This could be avoided if they went to "Open Knife" seasons.

Meanie that was my first thought too. I wonder if he has any pictures of him standing next to his "prize"? I own a small patch of woods behind my house and every year I have to call the sheriff's department to come chase some hunters out of it. Evidently they are unclear on the concept of the word, backyard.

Deer in a headlight joke anyone? Bueller?

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