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November 29, 2017


Driver having sex during car crash was 'running around naked'

(Thanks to B'game)


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They "were having sexy" while driving?

The humor is a little lost on me, however, by the fact that these drunken morons had an unsecured three month old child in the car with them.

Take away the car, the license (if any), and the baby.

^ What Jeff said about the infant.

Other than that, nudity during sex is the textbook way of doing it. What's the problem?

I think we can all learn from their mistakes here:
If you're going to get drunk and have sex while driving around, with a baby in an unsecured car seat... For heaven's sake...Wear your seatbelt!

The morons would have been better off letting the baby drive.

"failure to have ignition interlock"

Hey, it happens to everyone. Just see a doctor.

Too drunk to blow his own horn?

I saw Fractured Pelvis open for Whitesnake.

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