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November 26, 2017


In an intriguing collaboration between art and academia, scientists at Auckland University studied excrement from acclaimed artist Billy Apple.

(Thanks to Le Petomane and Roberto)


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A great tax write off.

I saw the band Excretory Wipings years ago when they opened for Frank Zappa.

"Acclaimed" by whom?

I have a feeling that Billy Apple was one of those kids whose mom applauded every time he made poo poo in the potty.Time to get over it Mr. Apple.

Most art critics say his work is crappy.

I wonder what percentage of modern art can be described as excretory wipings.

Anybody knows their address? I want to contribute too and I want to send them a package with my "donation", because I love science.

The disconnect is that everytime a critic described his work, Mr. Apple took offense.

Was a mandatory "course" or was it "exploratory"?

Anyway you slice it

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