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November 27, 2017


Two of the suspects tried telling South Salt Lake police that they were members of the “Tesla family,” and that “Mr. Tesla” had given them the vehicles, police told Fox 13.

(Thanks to Kevin Smith)


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Squirrels? (not the four legged kind)

Hey, that's how I came to own the Miami Herald.

"What are you doing in that truck, sir?"
"It's mine. Didn't you see my name on the side. I'm Con...rad Edison."

Will they be charged with battery?

I have a lawyer friend who drives a Tesla, has reached a mutual agreement to settle up his common property and a new girlfriend.

When police searched his apartment, they also found a suspicious-looking receipt from Robert Oppenheimer alongside a very large carton with a return address marked only with "Manhattan" and stickers indicating "Do not drop".

That's an offer they can't refuse.

Their only hope is that Uncle Trump's team of lawyers can get them off.

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