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November 24, 2017


Here's Santa Dave's annual Holiday Gift Guide.

Dave Santa 2017 copy

(Photo by Carl Juste)


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Best. Gift Guide. Ever!

The finger hand puppets will definitely increase my efficiency in making symbolic suggestions to fellow motorists on the road. I've ordered two sets. I can steer the car with my forehead.

I confess that I spent about 20 perfectly good dollars several years ago for a book of Shakespeare's insults. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

I assume thanks to the Titanic Brewery is because their product helped you get through this year's evaluations.

Dave, normally a DHGG leaves me retching in horror and lacking a couple of IQ points. Bad job, there are actually a couple of things I want.

Wanderer, I have that same book. We few, we proud, we literate are such rogues. I want the bandaids. So much for culture.

" If I could have one wish, I would wish for world peace. " ( crowd applauds )

I suggested the Star Wars tongs for a wedding registry. It was a Black Friday special on The Amazon

I know one of the things Loudmouth "wants" is that Manilow coloring book, right? I think they missed a bet by not including a selection of Manilow Music with it.

Congratulations to nursecindy!

I like everything. I especially liked the idea of paying a loud, obnoxious unwanted kid to sit down and shut up. I'm adjusting my withdrawal limit.

The Banana Surprise Yumstation lady makes me feel tingly inside. Is that wrong?

Santa is evidently very happy to see Christmas.

I love the fact that the web page title is "Dave Barry's funny Holiday Gift Guide 2017". As if there were other choices of adjective...

In the Kitchen Safe picture, where can I find the plastic hatchet and giant curlers?

Is the Sexy Chest Swimsuit available in a mankini version?

Asking for a friend...

Is it just me or does the guy standing in the back of the Star Wars Tongs photo look like he's about to kill everyone with his shovel?

Send those Eagle Beak Briefs to Congress. Please !

Alas, I'm too late. For next year, then:


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