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November 29, 2017


9 bottles of moonshine found during Georgia DNR official’s DUI arrest, cops say

(Thanks to Geoff)


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I agree with Dave. Moonshine is a natural resource. Sounds to me like someone was just doing his job.

Unless he was crossing state borders, I don't see a problem here.

cindy, were your cousins at it again?

Cousins marry, stuff happens.

Nine bottles of moonshine in the evidence locker
take one out
pass it around
eighth bottles of moonshine in the evedence lokker

Eigth bottles of 'shine in the evedense lokker
take one out
pssh it round
sven bottlesh of evidense in the loker thingie

Jeff, I'm pleading the Fifth on that question.

*applauds Le Petomane and gets a drink to test it*

In case the car runs out of fuel.

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