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November 28, 2017


Marijuana chewing gum.

(Thanks to manual tomato)


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It'll be interesting to see when the inevitable mj-flavored Dorit0s come out.

Meanie, I'm going out to copyright "Double-Baked Doritos" right now.

Terrible news! Next they will invert marihuana that you can smoke! This is not good.

Other than causing a little laziness and euphoria, loss of memory, feeling lost all the time and hearing yourself think out loud while watching pigs scurry away turning into fat little stationary trash cans, it's good for you.

"Is that gum you're chewing young man? Well I hope you brought enough for the entire class!"

I foresee a government study on whether MaryJane gum chewers pop their gum at the same rate of regular chewers.

Dude, there's a bubble coming out of your mouth. Wow!

Warning: does not freshen your breath.

Double your pleasure, double you fun, with the new Doublemint, Doublemint, Grass Chewing Gum!

So some people literarlly could not walk and chew gum at the same time.

Off to the store to buy a pack of gum. I'm sure Dankorage will have it in stock. And yes, Dankorage is the name of a sanctioned marijuana store in Anchorage. At least they were a little clever. Their radio commercials promise that they are "welcoming" and "friendly".

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