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November 30, 2017


These are not your friendly neighborhood spiders: scientists have mixed a graphene solution that when fed to spiders allows them to spin super-strong webbing. How strong? Strong enough to carry the weight of a person.

(Thanks to Jon Harris, who asks "What could go wrong?")


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Have them weave a cheap suspension bridge.

It would be the use of webbing from Australian spiders that concerns me. A mad Spiderman that shoots venomous webbing could be the start another terrible sequence of bad movies. Totally frightening.

I'm not worried about the spiders, they just poop out the graphite. I'm worried about the flies that eat the graphite before the spiders eat them.

Is the graphene they're feeding the spiders by any chance radioactive?

Great; I've always wanted industrial-strength cobwebs around the house.

Snort! @ wanderer2575

How to make permanent Halloween decorations...

Didn't we see this about 14 years ago as an X-Files episode?

I think we all know who is behind this.

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