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November 30, 2017


A Chinese man has been fined after he was captured on surveillance footage painting new road signs in a bid to make his daily commute easier.

ALSO: In May, a driver in eastern Zhejiang was fined after surveillance footage captured him drawing his own parking space with chalk on a road.

(Thanks to Rick Day)


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It looks like Japan has some competition for the title of The Florida of Asia.

How do you say "Road Runner" in Chinese?

So close to the perfect crime !!!

I confess to adjusting some traffic patterns around the train parking areas. To make it less illegal, I called the traffic sociologists where I live — engineers would never let things get this bad.

Then again, I once said to a police supervisor “Whatever you policy may be, the laws of physics are going to bite you in the ass pretty much every time and as a taxpayer I’m tired of paying for the body damage on the cars.”

I imagine that in Florida they don't even bother changing signs or road markings; they just drive as they please.

I've noticed that traffic lights in my area have an "emergency mode" whereby approaching emergency vehicles, such as fire and ambulance, can short-circuit the normal light sequence and allows the emergency vehicle to proceed through the intersection without stopping. I've often wondered how hard it would be to make a transponder that does the same thing...

Reminds me of the guy who picked up an old fire hydrant at the dump and kept it in his trunk. When he would leave for work he would place the faux fire hydrant near the curb to keep someone from taking the parking space. When he returned he would stash the fire hydrant in the trunk of his car until the next time he moved his vehicle.

Big Brother IS watching you. In the parking lot. In China. Along the Road side.

My wife and I were working in China in 2005. We happened to get stuck in a massive traffic jam in Huizhou which clearly wasn't moving any time soon. There was construction along the shoulder and cones had placed blocking the right lane even though no one was working at the time (about 7 PM). I hopped out of the car before my wife could stop me and walked along the highway heaving the cones into the ditch. Our driver, and a LONG line of cars behind him, followed me for about 2 miles until we were past the traffic. I am not, as the saying goes, making this up.

Why don't we see this kind of creativity and problem-solving in America?

Send these guys to Washington (if they survive the jail terms...)

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