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November 24, 2017


Cows fall from highway overpass After Utah car crash



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Why is "After Utah" capitalized? Is this some new chronological designation?

Sort of an update on the WKRP stunt?


Yeah, real funny...

This is a good reason the Constitution preserves the right to cow arms. Or is it to arm cows?

"Ethel, I was drivin' home and you won't believe what fell off the overpass into the back of our pickup. We're havin' roast beef this Christmas.

This is the terrible downside of cow-tipping.

But if you under-tip them, they give you bad service.

Agreeing with Nancy Gill that the view from the top was not as pretty

I grew up with a herd of Black Angus cattle on the other side of the electric fence. We would retrieve balls and frisbees only if we had a spotter.

Sorta gives a new meaning to Ground Beef

The crash was at the I-15 and I-84 interchange. Many cows were seen wandering on the highway and on the side of the road.

This is often what happens when cows drink and drive, or simply drink. Unless you have a serial cow-tipper.

They get confused and moo-ve in strange ways.

Falling cows Apocalyptic? Nah. Flying cows, maybe. Definitely a threat.

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