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November 12, 2017


Purists alarmed over moves to make French less macho

(Thanks to coscolo)


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Question: How many Frenchmen does it take to defend Paris???

Answer: No one knows...It's never been tried.

With profuse apologies to the Capitol Steps.

"I will fart AND flail in your general direction"?

Less macho? C'est impossible!

Their imminent surrender is far less high-spirited

Does this mean the Academie Francaise will be no longer be allowed to dress up like a mariachi band?

Bonjour you Cheese eating Surrender Monkeys

Does this mean we now have to fart in their general direction and then run away?

Mademoiselle - hey bonjour - uh, parlez-vous a humma humma?

Qùe un fromãge, n’cest pâs?

I will fart in your general direction, then giggle while I skip away.

What's the French equivalent of singular "they"?

The French people shrug.
The French language, has surrendered.

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