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November 29, 2017


Melbourne Beach retiree booked on street racing charges

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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As long as he keeps off your lawn, what's the problem?

I suggested that the retirement center near us have a Soup My Ride and Pimp My Ride clubs with the two groups taking on gang personalities. The next day, it was banned.

Time to join this gentleman and race cars on the streets

The Fast and the Furious XXXVII: A Buick LaCrosse vs. a Lincoln Town Car.

nursecindy wants to put in a vote for a Mercury Grand Marquis, the car that made everyone slow down and pull over because they thought it was an unmarked police car.

One has to wonder if the other driver wanted to race. Or if there was another driver. No word of booking anyone else.

In this earlier picture Greenstein often imagined freeing his soul by driving a speeding Comet.

To be fair, this dude is carrying on a family tradition that his grandmother started when she lived in Pasadena and was known a "The Terror of Colorado Boulevard."

So true Jeff. When I was driving my Mercury I never got anywhere on time because people kept going the speed limit when they were in front of me.

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