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October 27, 2017


People who frequently use marijuana are likely to have sex more often, a new study suggests.

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins)


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"We also don't know if it's really sex. Or what day it is. Or where we left our car. Got any Doritos, dude?"

We also don't know if it's really marijuana, or what "good" is, or who put the Ovaltine in Mrs. Murphy's Benzedrine.

Marijuana sex is gateway sex to harder, more dangerous sex..

Willie Nelson has known this for years. As far as "good" sex goes, Kris Kristofferson said it best: "Ever since the first I had, the worst I had was good."

Don't know if it was good, but it was reeeeeeal slow, we laughed a lot, ate Cheetos and fell asleep.

More proof that scientists are perverts.

If they're that high, they might just be imagining they're having sex. Which can still be pretty good sex.

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