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October 26, 2017


The universe shouldn’t exist, according to science

(Thanks to Veee)


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"... explain how you’re reading this right now."

Oh, I saw the answer to that on a bumper sticker:
If you can read this, Thank a Teacher!

Apparently these scientists have never studied Gene Ray's Time Cube theory.

Maybe there was the cloak of asymmetry covering either matter or anti-matter when the bang happened and it was blown away into the quickly expanding universe and eventually formed what is now Florida?

Wasn't the Big Bang something to do with a "gas giant"?

Which makes me wonder, which came first, Giant Burrito or Gas Giant?

Remember when you received a letter grade on your report card referring to Penmanship? Never should have happened.

Take the red pill.

This is not the answer we're looking for.

@Cheesewiz wins the Internet for today. Giant spit-take

"The Universe doesn't allow perfection."
----Stephen Hawking

I suppose this explains Flathead County, Florida, Washington---it's happy hour and this list will be too long. Carpe diem.

There's beer, therefore the universe am.

Oh please... The anti-matter universe is where Spock has that beard.

"When the two collide, they combust in a violent eruption, meaning none of anything should be here today." Sounds like Thanksgiving at my house.

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