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October 22, 2017


Science confirms spiders and snakes are innately terrifying

(Thanks to Jon Harris)


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Well, at least that's settled. Any news on beets?

If this study had been performed in Australia rather than Germany,it may not have been published. It would depend on whether or not any of the scientists conducting the study survived.

Jim Stafford was unavailable for comment...

Now they can finally get around to proving that rain is wet.

Snork @ wanderer2575!

They have also confirmed that the pope is Catholic.

Science confirms nothing of the kind. This is from the NY Post, part of Rupert Murdoch's alternative news network. Click the link to the actual report here and note that it concludes that while "These results speak to the existence of an evolved mechanism that prepares humans to acquire specific fears of ancestral threats," it also notes that "...there is little evidence for 18- to 36-month-old toddlers displaying fear to or spontaneously avoiding live snakes and spiders .... Thus, there is currently limited evidence for an evolved full-fledged fear response..., unless one assumes that by 18 months most infants have already habituated to snakes and spiders."

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