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October 31, 2017


Woman flashes Taco Bell guests in hopes of a free taco

(Thanks to Jim [formerly of] Perth)


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I'd rather eat the scorpion.

Is that the woman I saw on the side of the interstate with the sign: "WILL FLASH FOR TACOS"?

If only she hadn't spent all her money on getting the munchies in the first place...

Extra cheesy!

I only do this at classy places like The Cracker Barrel or Chili's.

Does that really work?

"Results may vary."

When I ordered an XXL Grilled Stuft Burrito, this is not what I had in mind.

I usually go with "Buy me a taco and I'll put my shirt back on."

Darn it! I've gotta stop wearing a belt!

Did not read - so she showed them her taco?

Time to update Flash again. The old version is attracting hackers, hookers, and hecklers.

This is but one reason for the sign "NO SHIRT, NO SERVICE."

Surprising that this didn't work!

I saw Taco Belle open for Sheryl Crow.

I thought Taco Bell was the Mexican phone company.

[insert chalupas joke here]

You may get a Queso something from her.

I'm going to guess that we should be glad that shoddy journalism was involved and no pictures accompanied the article.

Snort! Ken

Doesn't she watch the World Series? The stolen base meant she could get a free loco taco (on a day after this happened).

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