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October 31, 2017


Lampposts are being covered in airbags to stop so-called 'smartphone zombies' bumping into them as they walk around staring at their screens in the Austrian city of Salzburg

(Thanks to Geoff, who says "Darwin would not be pleased.")


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I saw Smartphone Zombies open for Men Without Hats.

This will only give kids in some cities the idea to wrap a few lampposts with barbed wire and watch the fun.

Geezer alert: Coworker walked into a post and broke his glasses the first time the women from a neighboring office appeared in miniskirts on a 1960's spring day. He was a normal guy, not a zombie.

The airbags should also be coated with superglue.

If Mozart, who was born in Salzburg, were alive today, he would have been inspired to compose "The Headsmack Symphony". Ironically, this, in turn, would become the world's most popular ringtone.

No airbags. Wading pools.

@-wanderer2575- Make that electrified wading pools.

There's another solution. Require smartphone zombies to wear protection.

*writes down "app to identify lampposts" on "great idea" list*

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