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October 26, 2017


Nose-Picking Masturbator Terrorizes NYC Subway Riders

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson, who says "I saw the Nose-Picking Masturbators open for The Who.")


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Jeff, you have been to some weird concerts.

(But we still love ya!)

What odds are the bookies in Vegas giving for his relationship status?

Perhaps he is envisioning a new band called "The Smegma Sniffers".

Is he 'training'? (There oughta be a law!)

Wasn't Masturbator Choo Choo a hit song for Glen Miller and the Andrews Sisters?

Pardon me boy is that the masturbator choo choo?

The Australian species of the NPM is exponentially more secretive.

Stories like this really rub some people the wrong way.

Relevant SEINFELD references:

JERRY: But there - but there was no pick! I - I did not pick! There ws no pick!
KRAMER: I'm out!!!

Folks who live in NYC lead exciting lives. Here in Roswell, NM we have to drive to parts of Mexico or ask the aliens for another abduction to have as much fun and excitement as y'all do.

Nose-Picking Masturbator

I never bought any of their albums, for obvious reasons.

Many years ago a friend and I spent an hour watching cars go by us. I held a clicker counter on number of cars and he clicked on nose picking drivers. We had 150 cars and 50 pickers, or 1 of 3 drivers. I'd suggest that someone survey drive up window users to verify the other activity.

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