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October 27, 2017


Man locked in Kwik Trip beer cooler stays and drinks

(Thanks to B'game, wander2575, Veee, Steve K., Roberto and Bill Hudgins)


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What's they expect him to do, write an opera?

He did come out several times to go to the bathroom.

"The cooler had a glass door and if he had knocked, the clerks would have let him out."

Judge-"Hamilton Burger, that is the lamest defense you have ever came up with and we all know you have laid a lot of eggs in this court.
"I am finding for Mr. Mason and the defense. Anyone wanting to be let out of a beer cooler after being locked in for no reason would be insane. The charge of insanity was not entered in the charges. Not Guilty is this courts verdict."

They should have known when he walked in with the bags of pretzels.

So that's where padraig has been.

I saw this on the local news here this morning, and they said the guy had been on probation for a previous crime, and one of the terms of said probation was that he REMAIN SOBER.


Wasn't this pretty much the plot of a "Cheers" episode featuring Norm?

frank, I think this was Norm’s goal in life.

Not to be confused with Quik Trip.

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