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October 30, 2017


Mom shoots burglar in the buttocks to protect her family

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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SHe names the handgun Barbara?

Fanny Oakley strikes again.

Another use for butt plugs.

Shot to the fart.

We won't . . .

She's a real crack shot.

P.s. - "Could I maybe get a 'loaner gun', until I can get that one back?"

If the burglar had been coming toward her instead of running away, he couldn't have gotten off in court by claiming he was nuts.

Taking advantage of a poor, helpless...

My new hero! Way to go!
NMUA, it's not unusual for us Southerners to name our guns. My Bessie is in my closet. She's a rifle that once belonged to my great grandfather. I wouldn't hesitate to use her if someone threatened my family.

Stixnstonz, yeah, I wondered why the media would report that she does not have possession of her piece. Kind of like, "Hey, burglars! You know where you can go now."

"The gun, which Walker named Barbara, is now in evidence."

Evidence of what? If she committed no crime, the cops have no right to seize it without a warrant.

Yeah, actually, they do. Still evidence until the creep is tried.

My classic Italian police Beretta is named Gina, 'cause she's got all those smooth, sexy curves. The other one is Mia.

Oh, hell, they were right, I need a date.

The part about her gun being taken as evidence should not be in the news. Now other crooks know that she is unarmed.

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