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October 31, 2017



(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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I certainly thought it was newsworthy the first time it happened to me.

Some mentoring days are way better than others.

That headline writer should have never gone to Earl's School of Journalism. Their motto is, "We'll teach you how to write right".

"Timmy is really eager to do his homework these days."

My kingdom for a comma.

Best comment on the article.

In J-School Professor Musser would have shot (we think) any of his students if they sent or okayed that as a headline.

Hold the presses!

One of the worst best headlines I remember:
"Worker suffers leg pain after crane drops 800 pound ball on his head."

Commas are important. A few years ago a book came out showing this. "A Pandas eats shoots and leaves." When you place commas incorrectly we have a crime story using the same words: "A panda eats, shoots and leaves"

Now we know why so many good editors and copy editors drink a lot.

Le Petomane you forgot: Let's eat grandma!

In my hometown there's a Pipkin Middle School. After the girl's basketball squad won a regional tournament, a writer for the sports page in the local newspaper found himself a little short of headline space. The final copy read, "Girls excel at PMS".

@ nursecindy-- You are right. I forgot to include the published book: "Eating people is wrong." Sorry.

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