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October 30, 2017



(Thanks to Peter Metrinko)


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Thankfully I checked to see if the clerk at the supermarket had seen Princess Bride before breaking into Billy Crystal. They have a button to summon Security

I tell her to have fun storming the castle anyway

Tastes like chicken?

Puts New York subway and pizza rats to shame.

In a double feature this weekend with Ambiguously Malformed Chickens!

I saw them open for System of a Down in 2003.

It's just too bad we don't have Ed Wood, Tor and Bella Lugosi around to show them how to make a monster movie.
"Plan Nine of a Million Nutrias from Outer Space." Now there is a movie title that would get the attention it deserves.

I don't think they exist.


Their Latin name myocaster coypus, translates as "mouse beaver". Who doesn't love a good mouse beaver?

Hopefully they're nutria-icious.

WHich one is Ben? Or Willard?

dems good eatin

I wondered whatever happened to the Boomtown Rats.

Well, that's DC.

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