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October 31, 2017


Ohio neighbors rescue deer whose head was trapped in plastic pumpkin bucket


(Thanks to Le Petomane)


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This was just down the road from my house! Big news locally...We were all relieved when the deer was freed.
In a related story, sightings of a squirrel in a "scary clown mask" have been reported.
This reporter will keep you posted as details emerge.

The scary squirrels wearing clown masks were likely the ones that stuck the pumpkin bucket over that innocent deer's head in the first place.

@ Le Pet -

Scary Squirrel: "Psst...Hey, Deer...Wanna smell the best thing in the world?"
Deer: "Yeah, sure!"
S.S.: "C'mere... It's inside this bucket."
Deer: "(muffled) "It just smells like plastic...Hello? Hello? HEY! Why do I always fall for that?! . $&@!? SQUIRREL!!"

Remember, kids: always trap your deer heads using real pumpkins -- they're biodegradable.

A real Addams would never be caught using a plastic pumpkin or a plastic deer.

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