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October 28, 2017


Monday, Scott Babcock shared a photo and video of a bearded seal cavalierly lounging on the runway at the airport with the caption, FOD-- airport slang for "Foreign Object Debris."

(Thanks to Ralph)


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The Great Seal of the State of Alaska.

Playboy--er Playseal material?

"You won't seduce me madam!" which allegedly John Wayne said to a harlot.

"Incoming aircraft,this is Barrow Tower Control. Please pull up and circle the airport. The landing strip has been temporarily sealed. Thank you for your patience."

There's never a Polar Bear around when you need one.

"Low sealings" wins the internets for today. Or maybe the week.
If you are outside at the Anchorage airport do not be alarmed at the loud booms. They use carbide cannons to scare away the geese.

He gave it the seal of approval.

I never got past trying to pronounce "Utqiagvik" in my head, so I totally missed the article.

Ms. Flukey, we pronounce it “Barrow”.

"Animal control removed the bearded seal, that's estimated to weigh 450 pounds, with a sled."

Soooo, what did it way without the sled.

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