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September 15, 2017


Terrifying lizard turns out to be dirty clothing

(Thanks to Ralph)

Update: Here's an article with a photo of the beast.

(Thanks to Jan in Grmsby)


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"While I got you here chap, could you remove the pair of scissors that looks like a croc from the sewing box."

Terrifying Lizard opened for Zappa at AcidFest '77.

Helluva show.

Wasn't Dirty Clothing Lizard the frontman for The Doors?

"It was seven inches long, two inches wide..."

And soft as a downy chick?

♫ Little sock --
Little sock of horrors... ♫

The first responders breathed a sigh of relief that it wasn't her underpants.

I'll..show myself out.

Actually, Brontosaurus was the caveman word for dirty clothing. I read it someplace.

another one will turn up soon as they are usually in pairs!” -- the version with the pictures

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