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September 20, 2017


It pays to hang out with the guys.

(Thanks to Art Silverman)


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So I have to hang out with ducks? Where can I find a large group of male ducks?

So this is what they meant by getting all your "ducks" in a row?

What a Daffy story.

We've been hanging out all day. Wanna drag that thing along and let's get a bite.

Duck dicks dangle differentially.

This may explain why Donald Duck doesn't wear pants.

So what's the payscale for a duck penis measurer?

"Male ducks have...a ludicrously long, corkscrew-shaped member..."

Right-hand thread or left? Bad journalism!

This gives a new meaning to "The Birds and the Bees".

Gives new meaning to the old saying that I just made up, "Go Duck yourself!"

"...this genital arms race..." Well, it's not their arms that they're concerned about.


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