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September 19, 2017


Wat Bang Khun Thien Nok in Bangkok has stirred controversy as the temple has installed statues of an imaginary creature with wings, the body of a tiger and a phallus for a head

(Thanks to Phil "Swash Buckler" McAvity)


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Shiver me timbers and swash me buckles. Them gulls be mighty ugly for these seas. 'Bout the only luck they'll bring be to visit Davey Jones. Arrrrr!

They hired their sculptor through a temp agency out of Phuket.

ummmm, Arrrrr.

Uh Dick Head?

At least in Bangkok the dickheads don't run the country

The article is entirely fake. The good people of Thailand have no such temple with this kind of idiotic statue on display.

good people

"Wat Bang Khun" is incorrect grammar. It should be "Who Bang Khun."

Good luck? I think that's phallacious reasoning.

His pirate name is "Pirate Pablo the Cash-Strapped."

Whoa... With guys like those, as per manual tomato, who needs Thai girls?

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