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September 20, 2017


A crab with a strong will to live was filmed climbing out of a pot of heating water and switching off the hot plate to save its comrades.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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But does he have a valid Florida license?

Didn't The Acrobatic Crabs open for Miami Sound Machine?

That wasn't water in that pan it was melting butter that had likely been delectably seasoned. To quote from the Borg: "Resistance is futile."

It's a cookbook!

In the Hollywood version, the crab then kicks the stuffing out of the chef and burns down the restaurant.

Chinese food on tonight's menu for the Crab family.

I'll never be able to eat crab legs again. Poor thing.

Did you see the article just below where the creepy crab is using an abandoned doll's head for a shell? That'll give you nightmares.

Nobody but me suspects the squirrels are behind this? Next up, lobsters escaping by piggy-backing on squirrels......

Go crab!

Idiots. The boiling water is supposed to be deep.

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