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September 26, 2017


Staten Island high school teacher attacks husband's Porsche with metal rod

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson, who says "Do NOT mess with them.")


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So the air conditioner was in cahoots with the Porch.

Should have used a massive dildo.

Don't ask if she takes late homework

I would say that means hubby did not pass.

I bet the husband's rod is the real culprit here.

I have two questions:

New Dorp?



New Dorp official mascot is the Cougar.

Gustav H: I thought it would be the New Dorp Derps.

New Dorp (Dorp means Town in Dutch) used to be the Centrals. Because it was Central High School originally. The more you know....

The Old Dorp must not have worked out.

Rudolph, that was my first thought too.

I was a high school teacher in 1981 and I can honestly say I never attacked a Porsche. I drove a 1965 Dodge Newport.

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