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September 20, 2017


Swedish woman grows buttocks 70 inches around

(Thanks to Ralph)


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"I'll do whatever it takes to have the world's biggest bum," she says.

Send her to Washington!

(Was that too easy?)

You'll probably seated next to her on your next plane flight.

This 'Kardashian' thing has just gotten too big and crazy!

Small is beautiful, too.

"I'll do whatever it takes to have the world's biggest bum," she says.

My 3rd husband is available.

Bork! Bork! Bork!

This is so strange to me. I've spent half my life trying not to have the biggest "bum" in the world.
Captain Jenny, is there any chance your 3rd husband was my 1st husband?

Clankie - At least you'd be okay if the plane went down over water. That is an FAA-approved flotation device.

It probably won't work correctly as a flotation device since her head would be underwater without special effort. Try to get that visual out of your head...

I can't understand the fascination with huge bums. I fondly remember Conay Twitty singing the praises of tight fittin' jeans.

Paging Benny Hill. We have a surprise for you.

Per cheek?

Everyone needs a hobby

Well that's one explanation for why men would rent sex dolls.

Sir Mix-A-Lot is weeping tears of joy.

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