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September 25, 2017


In an effort to find the rats new homes, the SPCA is trying something new: a "rat-a-thon".

(Thanks to The Perts)


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They've been to Washington. It was too disgusting even for them, so they left.

Wait, the NASCAR technical director for Joe Gibbs Racing has gone to Canada?

A nearby Python-a-Thon might be a good option

If the SPCA contacted Willard he would likely take the entire kit and caboodle off their hands.

Why not send them to the local zoo? If they misbehave, the zoo might save a ton of money on feeding.

Hey, they ain't call rats ...oh, whatever...

Law school?

I hear Washington State University is looking for test subjects.

The jokes write themselves but to say something nice, as far a rodents go, they are the best rodent pet. Forget hamsters, gerbil, guinea pigs, etc.

I vote the python-a-thon as mentioned above.

You dirty rat!

Got enough in DC. I was walking over to the the Kennedy Center last week and, right in front of me, one loped across the sidewalk and into a drainpipe. I just said, "Hi congressman".

In Chicago, I gave directions to someone from out of town that included taking a shortcut through the alley.

"You'll want to go back the other way, though. You only get one free pass from startled rats."

The person elected to go the long way around.

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