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September 12, 2017


We're in post-hurricane Waiting Mode. Our electricity, phone, Internet and cable TV are all out (I'm writing this from the Miami Herald offices). Our generator is still running, but we're almost out of fuel; we're hoping that either the propane truck arrives or the power comes back on. But we have no idea when these things will happen.

So that's the bad news. The good news is, everybody's OK. Our area has many trees down and many roads blocked, but most of the houses seem to have suffered little or no damage. Other parts of Florida -- especially the Keys -- got hit much harder. So we're not complaining.

No, that's a lie. We're complaining. But not too loud. We know we're lucky. And we thank everybody who has expressed concern about us.

We still have not touched the lentils. That's our last option, after cannibalism.

Here's a picture of Lucy and me surveying the damage. Actually, I'm surveying it; Lucy's smelling it.



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How is Walter holding up?

Okay. Time for Real Confessions. I. Love. Lentils.

That is all.

Dave, if Lucy gets hungry and begins looking at you like you are a lambchop (And not the Sheri Lewis kind! I'd recommend you run away, very rapidly!

A big bowl of Purina Lentil Chow should keep Lucy going for days. Or she'll poop on the rug to spite you. She looks excited at the prospect of a giant new yard ornament to cover with weewee.

I still think you should have visited Dylan, but glad you're OK.

If the power doesn't come on before the fuel runs out, the only solution is...fire Judi.

I've looked all over this picture and can't find a snake anywhere. I know there has to be one in there somewhere.

It is very good to hear you and your family are well.

Glad to hear everyone is okay there.
By the way, if you soak the lentils in water for several days, they will germinate, and can be replanted to grow more lentils. Which can then be soaked, germinated, and planted, etc., etc., until eventually they take over the entire planet, including Idaho.

I'm so glad you and your family are okay. I was worried. My family members in Jacksonville also came out okay except for the fact they now have lake front property. I hope everybody stays safe and things return to normal very soon.

Wishing you a speedy return to electricity. Can you loot your neighbor's barbecue grill for more propane?

Glad everyone came through without having to resort to the lentils.

(Okay, true confessions time: I like lentils. But they are not everyone's cup of, er, lentils.)

Lucy seems to be taking everything in stride.

Stay well and safe!

Whatever you do, don't tell Lucy to "Fetch!"

Stix, I think that's exactly how the Burmese pythons have propagated.

Egad, that is one large downed tree.

smooches MtB - good to see you around.

No one has mentioned, and I think it's worth noting that lentils will make you fart - the effect similar to that of moviprep, you know with the seatbelt and all that.

(And hello to MTB and MOTW. I am the blogger formerly known as mudstuffin.)

Are there irate monkeys this time?

No! Don't fire Judi!

Invite her to "dinner"...

Glad to hear that you are all OK...but, watch where you step, Dave, else Lucy will need to bark for help, and there might be complications:

"What's that, girl? You say Dave is in the sinkhole? Or, are you barking for this Baconator that I'm holding? Baconator? OK, girl, there you go..."

Good to be missed, MOTW. And a hit tip to Mr. Honkentooter.

More blessings to count: maybe Dave's power's not back yet, but at least there are no downed power lines about. (Er, right?)

It's always darkest before the dawn. Or a bonfire, which ever comes first.

We're so glad you all are ok. I thought you would be in Hawaii during the storm. Thank you for the updates we were worried and so glad to know you were safe.

It appears from the photo that tree fell directly on a large alligator. That should help out the old food supply.

Hope the fuel situation and/or electrical supply get sorted soon Dave. Thanks for letting us all know you're safe.
Oh, and - avoid lentils at all costs!

Glad you're OK. Back in the 60s, we didn't wonder whether we'd get a hurricane in West Palm, we wondered how many. The 12-year hurricane drought had to end eventually, but I'm glad Irma took that side trip into Cuba, which knocked a lot of the wind out of their sails and struck a blow for democracy in one fell swoop.

If you lived in Oklahoma, you would be dry and safe. Until tornado-quake season, which starts in the Spring and never ends. (You do realise Lucy is with you because you are older and slower and gators)

If the dinosaurs had had internet service, they might have had enough warning to store enough lentils and propane to survive the Chicxulub meteorite.

Glad that your family is okay. Hope that the power comes back on soon enough. You guys were lucky.

waves at BFKAM Honkenhooter

How did another dog's behind end up under that tree?

Well looks as though you guys are not going to need to buy any toothpicks this side of Eternity. Fab to hear you and yours are safe and sound.

Glad you had no seroius damage and family (including Lucy) came through ok. Hope you get your power back soon!

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